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Philosophy Volume 1(Drums)

Celebrate Yourself by Amy Dawsha(drums)

Beacon Light by Way Cruse(music production)


A.D.D by Benny Ramos (drums)

“I Could Be Crazy”(drums)

Alec Lehrman “Take Me Back”(drums)

Pocket Radio by Anders Nordström

"Dewayne Deo Bradford (Drums/Keys)


“Rise” by 2ndNature

2ndNature "Life Liberty the pursuit of Musical Happiness" EP:Executively produced/drums/keyboards/arrangements/songwriting by Dwayne "Deo" Bradford


Music Has No Color "Rise & Grind" Dwayne "Deo" Bradford co produced


Nehemiah Christian Center live, Dwayne "Deo"Bradford co production/music arrangements/drums/auxilary keys/Piano/organ


Adrian B King's Latter Rain album, Dwayne played drums:


Grandy Wilson's EP, music production/music arrangements/keys/organ/drums/programming by Dwayne


Grandy Wilson's "Something About Your Love" music production/music arrangements/keys/strings/drums by Dwayne


Brandon Roberson's single "Great Things"drums by Dwayne "Deo" Bradford


Devon Baker "Worthy Are You lord" drums by Dwayne 'Deo" Bradford


Samantha Encarnacion "Tu Ya So" drums by Dwayne 'Deo" Bradford


Andre Crittenden "No One Like You" drums by Dwayne "Deo" Bradford


Michael Haynes "Ensight" drums/programming by Dwayne "Deo" Bradford

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